Wireless Lighting Control Solution

Wireless Control What You Can Control

eSPOT wireless lighting control solution enables embedded lamp or external drive control.
The wireless module integrates microwave motion sensor and ambient light sensor to enhance energy capability and intelligence.
Through the WiFi gateway and Cloud, lamps can be linked up to realize IoT.
eSPOT smart bulb can also function as a security system.

  • Design fits for retrofit LED lighting
  • 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 (PHY)
  • Selectable RF channels: 15 (2.4-2.48GHz)
  • Unique ID with high security level
  • Scalable wireless network with gateway
  • PWM with smooth dimming
  • Software interface supports:
    • Add/drop lamps
    • Group assignment
    • Single/group lamp(s) control
    • Computer & mobile apps interface
  • Home & building security
  • General & commercial lighting
  • Emergency lighting

Wireless Gateway/Control Product

  • Smart Control Box
    Option Input Voltage Output
    Control Only AC 220-240V/277V 0-10Vdc
    Control+ Motion Sensing AC 220-240V/277V 0-10Vdc
    Control + Motion Sensing + Energy Monitoring AC 220-240V/277V 0-10Vdc
    With LED Driver (Single/*3 Channels) DC 9-48Vdc 40V, 500mA
  • WiFi Gateway
    Input Voltage 5Vdc
    Ports Ethernet
    Connectivity Cloud Enable
    Operating Standard IEEE 802.15.4 (PHY)
    IEEE 802.11 b/g